IE AEM Fuel Pump Adapters for IE Dual Surge Tank & IE Outlet Manifold

Integrated Engineering

  • $42.73


Product Features

• Easily upgrade from Bosch 044 to AEM 380LPH
• In-house CNC machined aluminum adapter fittings
• Perfect for customers with existing IE outlet manifold/Bosch 044 pumps
• Only fittings needed to upgrade from existing IE surge tank setups
• Attractive anodize finish is safe for ethanol fuels

These fittings allow you to easily install AEM 380LPH fuel pumps into your existing Bosch 044 fuel pump powered IE Dual Surge Tank & IE Outlet Manifold Kit setup. These two anodized in-house CNC machined fittings are designed to convert your IE Outlet Manifold (-6AN or -8AN) to easily fit the higher powered AEM pumps without any other changes.  

These fittings are for use with AEM 380LPH fuel pumps only in conjunction with previously installed IE dual surge tanks and IE Bosch 044 Dual Pump Outlet Manifold. If you do not already have previously installed Dual Fuel Pump Manifold and you are looking to easily adapt two AEM 380LPH fuel pumps and an IE Surge Tank into your fuel system, you will need the complete kit Part Number: IEFUU25. This fitting kit is only for customers upgrading from a previously installed Bosch 044 manifold kit. 

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