IE 2.5L 5 Cylinder Intake Manifold (Electric Power Steering Only)

Integrated Engineering

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Product Features

• Performance design delivers a massive 48.2BHP gain
• Optimized bellmouth inlets create maximum power
• Power and torque throughout the entire RPM range
• Designed for use with NA and turbo applications
• 100% engineered, tested, cast, and machined  in USA


Bring your 2.5L 5 cylinder VW engine to life with the Integrated Engineering cast intake manifold. The factory 2.5L 5 cylinder intake manifold is designed to channel air into the engine sufficiently well to meet the original horsepower targets while being cost effective and easy to install. This compromise means that there is room for significant improvement. 

The IE performance manifold has been designed from the bottom up to put performance first. IE engineers exploit careful tuning of the intake manifold runner lengths and diameters to create a resonance effect which rams more air into the cylinders. The plenum and runner designs have been carefully optimized with computer software for maximum flow, allowing your engine to breathe easier and perform at its best.


The Integrated Engineering 2.5L ultimate power kit has been carefully designed to fit 07K engines while retaining all of your factory components. Through extensive research and development, this intake manifold fits with no modifications to the engine bay, vacuum system, emissions systems, fuel system, or coolant system. With the plenum being larger than factory, the throttle body placement is moved a small amount, which is easily plumbed to your mass air flow sensor using the included 2.5L manifold air intake kit.


This plenum on this manifold has been generously sized and shaped to distribute airflow as evenly as possible to all 5 cylinders. The increased internal volume is a massive improvement over the factory piece and ensures a steady supply of air for the engine.


By using a cast aluminum construction manifold, our engineers are able to properly size and shape the manifold runners and velocity stacks for optimal performance. This runner flow and resonance tuning is a huge contributor to the overall performance of the intake manifold and is not possible to achieve on hand-welded manifolds generally available for this platform. Featuring aggressively sized runners that have been optimally tuned for large power increases throughout the mid-high RPM band. Our engineers employ CFD software to research and develop an optimized runner and bellmouth design, after many revisions to the design they have achieved the best runner shape, size, and velocity stack for the 2.5L application.


Unlike other manifolds on the market that are simply welded and made to fit on the car, IE's performance intake manifolds receive special treatment from start to finish. Our engineering department looks at each specific application and designs an intake manifold with a properly sized runner and plenum. Then we begin a series of prototyping and testing countless revisions to the design to ensure optimum performance.

Our engineers use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to optimize the runner and velocity stack (bellmouth) system for proper resonance tuning and airflow. Unlike competitor manifolds, we use this process on each manifold to design the application-specific runner system to maximize airflow delivery to the cylinders.

Once the manifold has been designed and flow has been optimized, the 3D models head over to our 3D printing studio to manufacture the initial prototype. The 3D printed manifold is fastened onto our in-house engine dynamometer and in-house chassis dynamometer for testing. To validate the plenum, runner, and bellmouth design, we test each revision in a controlled environment. Once all testing data has been collected, it is analyzed and used to determine if changes are necessary before going into production.


Simply installing the manifold itself does not unlock your power potential, you will also need to update the ECU tune to recalibrate it for the increased volume and flow of the new manifold. The IE Stage 2 performance flash for VW 2.5L engines is designed specifically to re-calibrate the naturally aspirated 2.5L engine for use with the IE intake manifold. That is to not only provide more horsepower and torque, but make the driving experience more enjoyable by removing rev hang, increasing throttle response, and increasing the rev limiter. With such a significant power increase, it makes the vehicle much more enjoyable to drive, with plenty of power available until redline. Tune sold separately 


This manifold will fit all VW 2.5L engines with the electric power steering system. Some later style engines use a hydraulic power steering pump, which sits right below the factory intake manifold. If your car is equipped with a hydraulic power steering pump, this manifold will not fit.


Automatic vehicles require a matching IE TCU Transmission tune to allow high revving of the automatic transmission. The stock automatic tune has internal transmission rev limit controllers that shift before the manifold and software can make the extra power gained through the upgrade. IE's Auto Transmission Tune removes this limiter allowing full advantage of the manifold & tune. 


Installation requires removal of the factory intake manifold, fuel injectors, fuel rail, PCV system components, factory intake, and other factory parts. Although the install is straightforward, serious engine damage can occur from incorrect installation and professional installation is recommended. Click here to download the install guide.


  • VW - Rabbit 2006-2009 (MK5) 2.5L (restrictions may apply) 
  • VW - Golf 2010-2014 (MK6) 2.5L (restrictions may apply) 
  • VW - Jetta & Jetta GLI 2006-2010 (MK5) 2.5L (restrictions may apply) 
  • VW - Jetta & Jetta GLI 2010-2014 (MK6) 2.5L (restrictions may apply) 
  • VW - Jetta SportWagen 2011-2014 (MK6) 2.5L (restrictions may apply) 

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