Blaast Stage 2 K04 Turbo Upgrade 1.8T AUDI A4/ VW Passat Turbocharger

Park Auto Motorsports

  • $842.80

Audi A4 / VW Passat stage 2 k04. 360 HP Turbo upgrade featuring some of the largest turbine & compressor impellers on the market for MAJOR POWER improvement!

DIRECT BOLT-ON (hi flow air inlet tube required) 

Extended tip compressor wheel technology 

Full disc inducer turbine wheel technology 

Excellent low end response and spool-up, perfectly streetable 

STRONG Top-end POWER! Torque sustained through red line in every gear, even at 20+ psi! 

ECU Tuning & bigger injectors necessary to unlcok the potential of this turbocharger 

Specifications / wheel size: 

-Compressor impeller: 
45.1 X 59 mm - extended tip-technology... (COMPARE to OEM k03 is only 36 x 50mm, TT-225hp is only 42.5 x 55mm) 

-Turbine impeller: 
44.5 X 50mm x7.5mm 
COMPARE....OEM K03 is only 40 x 45mm