ARP Head Stud Kit | 2.0T FSi | TSi


  • $151.77


ARP Head stud kit for the AUDI / VW 2.0T FSI, these are a must for any high horsepower build. Head studs offer superior clamping force and consistency than "stretch head bolts", and prevent blown head gaskets and costly damage to your motor.

ARP uses premium grade 8740 alloy that is rated far superior to that of supposed "aircraft" quality. All Pro Series ARP2000 studs are centerless ground, heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining, and are nominally rated at 220,000 psi. These fasteners deliver a 40% increase in tensile strength over the OEM Torque to Yield (TTY) bolts. All bolts are precision centerless-ground and thread-rolled to Mil-S-8879 specs. Each utilizes a black oxide finish that protects them from wear and corrosion.

Obtaining the optimum cylinder head-to-block sealing is critical in small displacement engines employing high compression pistons or engines that utilize high pressure outuput from forced induction

Note: The OEM volkswagen cylinder head bolts have to be replaced every time they are removed. These ARP studs are made to be re-used, and offer greater protection against failure when compared to OEM bolt setups.


Torque Specifications:
Total = 80ft/lbs


ARP/USP recommends you do it in three steps:

1st Step: 25lbs
2nd Step: 50lbs
3rd Step: 80lbs