Requirement :


Stage 1 

No Modification Needed 



Downpipe & Intake 


Stage 3 

Hybrid/Big Turbo 

Intake , Downpipe , Intercooler 

Fueling Items Depending on Fuel , Turbo Size 

Fuel Pump and Port Injection Depending on Setup 


Power numbers vary from dyno to dyno , elevation , engine health , fuel and much more.


*** Port injection option requires secondary injectors installed .


*** Flex fuel requires a flex fuel sesnor installed .



Maximize performance safely

Improved fuel efficiency

Ignition timing precisely calibrated

For use with 91-94 octane

Optimized response with smoother driving comfort

Speed governor removed and increased RPM limiter

Only pay the difference when upgrading.


Remote flashing is avaliable via personal flasher. 


MK7/7.5 Golf & S3 8V ECU Tuning

Personal Flasher
Port Injection Enabled
Flex Fuel Kit


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