034Motorsport is pleased to offer Cobalt XR1 Racing Front Brake Pads for the 8V Audi S3 & MkVII Volkswagen Golf R! We've thoroughly tested this friction compound the 034Motorsport Development S3 at multiple track days with fantastic results. This brake pad set offers consistent stopping power with very good modulation, while maintaining acceptable disc life and very good pad wear rates.

Please Note: We strongly recommend pairing these front pads with the Cobalt XR2 Racing Rear Brake Pads and Motul RBF600 for your next track day.

Cobalt - XR1 Track Brake Pad Set

SKU: CRB-XR1-D1633-19.5MM
  • Cobalt XR1 is an extremely high torque material with a rapid, yet controlled, transition from an aggressive initial bite to a medium-high, linear rising torque curve. Excellent friction stability and consistency coupled with very good modulation, threshold control and release characteristics over the industry's broadest operating temperature range. The XR1 material has unmatched disc life and finish versus any other competing friction material of comparable torque.

    The XR1 compound effectively bridges the gap between "sprint" and "endurance" materials, providing an optimal balance of ultimate high torque and very good wear rates. Equally well-suited for a wide range of platforms, including those with active aerodynamic profiles as well as limited downforce applications, and/or ABS-equipped as well as non-ABS vehicles, due to the direct line pressure to generated torque relationship.

    As with all Cobalt Friction XR-Series Carbon-Ceramic friction materials, the XR1 does not require any bedding¹, and will deliver 100% consistent performance within 1-2 laps, while still maintaining a superior, uniform disc finish.

    Cobalt XR-Series Features:

    • No Bedding Required to Achieve Full Frictional Performance¹
    • Unmatched Disc Finish with a Minimum 50% Improvement in Disc Life²
    • Highest Torque vs. Initial Disc Temperature Stability and Consistency
    • Highest Repeatability vs. Number of Heat Cycles of any Racing Brake Pad


    • 2015 - Present Audi S3 (8V)
    • 2015 - Present Volkswagen Golf R (MkVII)


    • 8V0698151C / 8V0 698151C

    ¹ Full torque potential of all Cobalt materials will be realized within 1-2 laps. However, proper on-vehicle or inertia-dyno bedding will yield an 8-10% improvement in wear rates.

    ² As compared to any competing material with torque levels within ±10%

    Note: Cobalt Friction Brake Pads are motorsport pads, intended for track use only. As such, they do not include wear sensors or anti-rattle springs.


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