Remote Tuning for your VW/Audi  2.0 FSI Timing Chain Engine.


Flashed Via OBD no ECU Removal
Stage 1 Power Gains 40-50hp.
Stage 2 Power Gains 70-80hp.


Recomendations & Requirements :

Stage 1 : None

Stage 2:  Intake & Downpipe

Stage 2+: Intake , Downpipe , and HPFP Upgrade

Stage 3: Intake , Downpipe , and HPFP Upgrade , Turbo , Injectors ( Message us First)

2Step/Pops & Bangs / Launch Control Avaliable by request on certian models.


DSG Customers : Have the option for a package deal if they choose to purschase both at same time.




Remote Tuning Available


Windows PC


Passthru Cable

Compatible Cables: Tactrix , Mongooose , EPL , Autel JBox , Snapon Passthru


If you don’t have any available we can mail out a loaner !

2.0TFSI Tuning



    Unit 1, 101 Sparta Road

    Stanhope, NJ 07874
    United States of America

    +1 862-707-7485

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