CTS Turbo Street Sport Engine Mount - 60 Durometer for MQB 4-CYL

CTS Turbo

  • $122.60


CTS Turbo is excited to announce our line of Street Sport 60 Durometer engine mounts. 

The CTS street performance engine mounts are a perfect upgrade for your factory mounts which are known to wear over time leading to drivetrain play and sloppyness during shifting. A void-free non-liquid construction using 60 Durometer rubber offers a significant upgrade to performance and feel over the stock mount. The result is a 60% improvement in stiffness over stock that is daily driving friendly.


• 60 Durometer Rubber construction
• Cast aluminum wrap-around OEM style body
• Direct bolt on replacement for OEM mount
• More direct shifting
• Improved power transfer


• CTS Turbo Street Sport Engine Mount with 60 Durometer insert

Optional replacement stretch bolts:

• N90596906 x 2 - Bolt M10x55
• N10209605 x 2 - Bolt M12x1.5 


All MQB 4-Cylinder Engines

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