MK7 GTI IS20 Hybrid Stage 3 Tuning

Posted by Mickey Mrkulic on

Daniel made a 14 hour journey to come get his GTI tuned.

Daniels car is running a custom hybird in the stock frame with machined out housings to fit the bigger turbine wheels.

Daniels Mods:

IS20 Hyrbid

Precision Raceworks MPI with 950cc Injectors

Precision Raceworks LPFP Walbro 450

Mabo Front Mount Intercooler

CTS Downpipe 

Snow Stage 2 Meth Injection (Pre & Post Turbo Injection)


The car was running full ethanol (E70 from pump) as well as methanol injection for IAT cooling only. The biggest obstacle we had to over come was the fast spooling turbo which was generating a immense amount of torque . Being a front wheel drive car we all had traction issues on the rollers. Fine tuning Boost , Ignition , Lambda we were able to squeeze out 467WHP & 453WTQ. 





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