About Boosted Euro

It all started back in 2013, BOOSTED EURO was born from a startup one stop performance tuning shop, that included basic vehicle maintenance and light performance modifications to eventually evolve into one of America's leading custom tuning houses.


A small specialised team with over 60 years experience collectively in the performance and motorsport industries make BOOSTED EURO what it is today. 

(Above: Audi R8 GT & Hennessey V10 twin turbo being tuned by BOOSTED EURO)

With the use of latest technologies in custom dyno tuning, we've developed for a wide range performance solutions for European vehicles, allowing us to achieve the peak optimum power potential whilst still maintaining safe OEM protocols using real live data. Each vehicle is dyno/run test with tuning calibrations developed and modified per vehicle to deliver a true 'custom tune'


BOOSTED EURO runs through a rigorous and meticulous process for each vehicle to ensure the correct diagnosis of underlying faults is identified prior to the tuning process. This is done to ensure safety and reliability of driving these performance vehicles either on the drag strip, track or street duties.

During this process, we assess and evaluate every vehicle for the health of the engine and turbo with dyno logging via the OBD port for a stock power run for data acquisition, re-calibrate, run again and adjust until the safe maximum potential power level is achieved.


We develop the power curve to be smooth and in a linear fashion to the redline, this give the driver a constant power delivery throughout the entire rev range in each gear. Some other tuners prefer low end theatrics to appear faster under the initial acceleration, but will always run out of puff.


To be tuned by BOOSTED EURO means to; expect response, flexibility and enjoyment throughout the rev-range with continued reliable function.